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All organizations carry obligations over the information they collect, derive, process, store, and transfer to others. Driven by laws, regulations and self-regulatory regimes, corporate policies, fiduciary responsibilities, and value generation or preservation, these obligations warrant deliberate and careful consideration in risk management, compliance, and controls throughout the organization's operations.


Through our information governance and privacy advisory services, we assist clients to develop and implement governance over information assets, and to improve the effectiveness of associated programs, policies, controls, and monitoring.

Athena is a management consultancy that improves its clients privacy, data protection, and information governance. We assist building and rebuilding programs, policies, processes, and the supporting controls, monitoring, and compliance.

Information governance involves the business practices, policies, controls, and oversight functions needed to manage risk, sustain compliance, and achieve the desired value of information assets. It addresses privacy, data protection, information security, information retention and management, proprietary information management, intellectual property management, and related disciplines.

Information assets containing personal information—about consumers, customers, employees, and others—always come with compliance obligations and business risks related to privacy and data protection. Those assets--and other proprietary information--also need to be managed in such a way to derive acceptable value. Information governance allows an organization to manage risks and compliance while adhering to the organization's ethics and gaining value from information.

Our services include the following:

Information governance programs

Policies and procedures

- Risk management
- Accountability approaches

- Compliance and monitoring

Regulatory compliance

- Federal and state privacy regulation

- European General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]

- HIPAA privacy and security

Technology issues

- Cookies, trackers, and web analytics

- Data analytics

- Mobile application and IoT privacy

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- Third party due diligence
- Compliance and risk

- Data inventories and data flow mapping

- Cookie audit and cookie inventory

Control and procedure development

- Third party management

- Information security

- Training and awareness

Trans-border compliance

- Multi-national information flow

- Standard contract readiness assistance

- EU-US Privacy Shield readiness and certification assistance